Aligned Managers

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Alternative to Equity

An absolute return solution run by former family office professionals that believe hedge fund co-investments from small and mid-sized hedge funds can lead to outperformance and a differentiated return stream.

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Alternative To Income

An income solution run by a real estate investor with 50+ years of experience. He believes real estate investing should build generational wealth as he diversifies across properties with a focus on income and value.

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Near Zero Correlation

An absolute return solution with a 40+ year track record of positive returns and near-zero historical correlation to most stock and bond indices. Historically a trend follower, today an early adopter of machine learning.

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Impact Investing (PE and VC)

We believe private investments will lead to a cleaner planet and investing in business doing good leads to better investments. We represent a select few managers in this space from Fund I to Fund III.

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