What is Maximum Alliance Group?

Independent Alternative Investments

MAG is the next generation of a capital introduction firm. We do two things:

First, we help private wealth advisors learn about select institutional alternative investments available on their platforms. These managers tend not to have an active salesforce, and without MAG, they often do not get noticed. These managers frequently help private wealth advisors more effectively manage portfolios and differentiate their practices.

Second, we help institutional alternative investment managers raise money through the private wealth channel and select family offices. It is a competitive landscape out there and it is tough to get noticed. If you don't want to hire internal capital introduction professionals, you might want to speak with us.

In summary, we fight for the relatively little institutional money manager to get noticed from the crowd. We only do this, if we deeply believe in the alternative manager and personally invest alongside them. We eat our own cooking. This is what we call, a Maximum Alliance.

Making the world better

At MAG we are grateful for our private wealth advisor clients, our aligned hedge funds, and how lucky we are to be living in this country at this point in time. As a next generation capital introduction firm, we are also a next generation company that not only solves a client-problem, but leaves the world a little better as well. We donate a percentage of our revenues to Mary's Meals.

Mary's Meals is an organization aimed at feeding the poorest children in the world, at a place of education, in hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty. ~$20 feeds a single child for year - really. So far, MAG has fed 120 children for a year.

We rank MAG's success by how much money our hedge funds have earned for our clients. We just tend to work a little harder knowing that when we succeed and earn revenue, we also make help some people we have yet to meet.

Who is our founder?

James G. Mack is a seasoned alternative investment executive who has placed a significant
amount of money into alternative strategies.

Jimmy, the son of a teacher and a school superintendent, was born and raised in Delaware County in upstate New York. He earned a degree in business management at Binghamton University, where he worked as a teaching assistant at the School of Management and was selected to deliver the commencement address for his graduating class. He began his career in the financial sector at Bloomberg. For the past decade, his sophisticated understanding of the markets, his proven work ethic, and his passion for investing made him a leader in asset-raising efforts at Millburn Ridgefield and LoCorr Funds. He regards the ability to listen and the aptitude for understanding his clients’ needs as indispensable skills. In helping his clients achieve their goals, Jimmy puts his knowledge, expertise, and experience to work for them.

Jimmy resides in Warwick, New York, with his wife (a physician) and two sons. He is a bone marrow donor, a member of the Knights of Columbus, and a supporter of the Warwick Valley Humane Society and Winslow Therapeutic Riding Center. He is also an enthusiastic reader, skier, hiker, and world traveler.

Our Mission

MAG wants to be third.

First, MAG wants any investor to earn a solid return.
Second, MAG wants any investment professional who works with us to be overly satisfied.
Third, MAG only succeeds if the investor and investment professional are happy. We are third.

In our over communicated society, we believe actions speak louder than words. Most say the investor is first, but do they act upon it?

MAG aims to align with forward-thinking wealth advisors and family office professionals so that they can have the best understanding of the $5T+ alternative investment industry.

MAG aims to help alternative managers - with their best days ahead of them - raise awareness in the private wealth channel.